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About Curogram

Curogram offers HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use medical practice management software, including two-way text messaging, automated appointment reminders, inter-office messaging, and telemedicine. Our mission is to enable providers to deliver the best possible patient engagement experience. 

Our goal is to solve the many challenges patients face today, including inefficient communication channels with their doctors, time-consuming appointment scheduling, and limited access to secure telehealth platforms.

What Is Curogram?

Curogram is a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant digital messaging, telemedicine, and practice management platform. Our software helps optimize the front desks of medical offices with reputation management, smart reminders, and 2-way text messaging. Curogram also features a unique patient-centric mobile patient portal and an all-in-one universal messaging platform for medical offices that syncs with any electronic medical records in less than 30 minutes.

Why Us?

Curogram offers the best secure patient texting app for physician practices that automates many front desk functions and enables 2-way texting with patients. With our 2-way texting feature, Curogram has reduced client phone volumes by as much as 50%, significantly improving office staff efficiencies and improving patient satisfaction — making us a prominent telemedicine software company.

We helped numerous clients get 100+ 5-star reviews and become the top organic search result on Google in their local area. We made that possible with automated text-based surveys and online review requests that generate 5-star reviews for practices.


Founding Team 

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Shayan Nafisi
Founder & CEO

Curogram was founded by Shayan Nafisi, a former Silicon Valley Engineer from Skype. When he started Curogram, he spent the first six months practically living in Dr. Ali’s office. The two of them would go to different doctor’s offices and talk to doctors and staff to understand their pain points.

Shayan spent most days sitting at the front desk of the practice and talking to incoming patients. And then, at night, he would lock himself in the conference room and code all night.

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Michael Hsu

Michael Hsu is co-founder and COO of Curogram, the patient-centric universal healthcare messaging platform. Michael is an experienced entrepreneur and business operator with over 19 years of operations experience. 

After graduating with Honors with a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Michael started his career with Morgan Stanley Technology Mergers and Acquisitions in Silicon Valley, working with top hardware, software, and internet technology companies. He then worked as COO, CFO, and CEO at various private equity-backed and early-stage start-up companies.

Dr. Alireza Khazaeizadeh

Dr. Alireza Khazaeizadeh

Chief Medical Officer

My passion is to improve patient care through better communication, which is the foundation for the Curogram; a HIPAA Telemedicine & Text Base Communication Platform. I have come to realize that; I want to use my best resources to change the Medical Industry for the better.

I am a Board-certified Internist and completed my residency at Yale-New Haven Hospitals, Connecticut. I had the luxury to become an MD at age of 25 and with more than 20 years of clinical experience, I know first-hand the need for physicians to communicate securely and quickly with other physicians and patients. I am a visionary entrepreneur who is adamant about holding firm on the principles that are the basic standards of the Curogram mobile application: simple, intuitive, and a commitment to evolving the product as the industry and technology grow.

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Job Opportunities

We are on a mission to provide the best patient engagement experience! If you are expectional and passionate about helping others, please consider joining us!